«WE LET HEALTH GROW» Optimised and standardised processes for maximum efficiency

The production process

is based on both the starting material (cannabis plant) and the desired product (flower, isolate or API).

MABEWO PHYTOPHARM models the optimal production and manufacturing process.

This is how we ensure that

  • the quality of the plant (or its ingredients, or APIs) is maintained,
  • maximum uniformity of the processes always leads to the same result,
  • there is a high degree of traceability and measurability, and
  • economic efficiency is also taken into account.

Customer specification of product and quantity

Our customers define an  (annual?) production capacity and the type of processing. We accompany them in choosing the location of the facility taking into account critical environmental parameters.

Designing the production facility

(GACP and GMP areas)

MABEWO PHYTOPHARM AG calculates and plans an optimal sequence of process steps. From the production of cuttings (in vitro) over the growth phase (GACP) to processing (extraction and packaging under GMP conditions), we create a detailed implementation plan, construction plans, specifications, schedules and a budget.

Delivery, construction and commissioning of facilities

As an overall supplier, we assume responsibility for purchasing components and materials, delivery as well as assembly and commissioning. The turnkey facilities are supplied with extensive documentation for all certifications, e.g., according to ISO and GACP.

Service and maintenance offer; optimising the facility

We support our customers in the long term. Digital data management enables the ongoing optimisation of plants, especially in terms of energy efficiency and safety. Our service and maintenance team guarantees high availability of production processes.

«MABEWO PHYTOPHARM models the optimal production and manufacturing process.»
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