«WE LET HEALTH GROW» Turnkey facilities for producing medical cannabis

The production of medical cannabis in enclosed spaces

For the production of medical cannabis, highly standardised and controlled conditions must be available. This applies to the space and the critical environmental factors of air conditioning (dehumidification), irrigation and lighting.

With the standardised MPP Indoor Growing Compartment (MPP-IGC), MABEWO PHYTOPHARM AG (MPP) offers the prerequisites for the production and medical application of plants, flowers and ingredients. The IGCs are designed as an indoor solution for installation in existing halls and buildings.

Energy efficiency is decisive in setting up air conditioning and dehumidification systems. An integrated control system ensures specific heat and humidity requirements for the respective spatial arrangement and number of spaces.

The MPP-IGC concept relies exclusively on LED lighting specifically developed for plant cultivation with defined or variable illuminance.

Indoor Growing Compartments (MPP-IGC)

MABEWO PHYTOPHARM plans and supplies customised facilities (MPP–IGC) for the safe production of medicinal cannabis with GACP/GMP.

Our turnkey systems offer optimised LED lighting, efficient cooling and dehumidification as well as management of a variety of data and parameters in real-time.

The production process is determined by the plant or the end product (API)

We develop and build compartments, technology and sensors around this process instruction.

Energy efficiency is crucial in order to economically operate indoor plants for the cultivation of medicinal plants. We use standardised components, collect measurement data from the operating systems and develop strategies to save energy for the entire facility.



"Space-in-space solution" MPP-IGC

GACP compliant spaces
• Mother plant
• Cuttings
• Growth

GMP-compliant spaces
• Processing

Standardised assemblies and solutions

The assemblies can be adapted to the building in terms of length, width and height

Recommended number of spaces

(Energy efficiency)

Adjustable depending on plant/product, yield, energy efficiency, space size and business concept (from 2 spaces)

LED lighting

Determined by plant and vegetation phases


(temperature, relative humidity)

Climate management depends on temperature, growth phase and plant; it can vary from 30 to 90 percent relative humidity.

Special features

  • Height-adjustable LED lighting
  • Height-adjustable ventilation
  • Ergonomics in taking care of cultivation every day
  • Use of energy-saving techniques, e.g., free cooling
  • Process optimisations

Air handling units and air conveyance for indoor-growing compartments


LED lighting and air conveyance with air outlet nozzles

The customised MPP-IGC adapts to all local requirements and can also be installed in existing buildings within a few weeks. The distribution of the spaces allows safe and efficient production of a variety of medicinal plants – and of course medicinal cannabis.

«We offer the prerequisites for the production and medical application of plants, flowers and ingredients.»
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