MABEWO PHYTOPHARM develops and distributes innovative technologies and services for the production of herbal medicines. Our facilities meet the highest standards and guarantee a consistent high quality of phytopharmaceuticals.

Thanks to our proven expertise, we can offer our customers modular and scalable solutions that can be implemented quickly.

Our offer includes a range of facilities consisting of growth spaces, ancillary rooms and the necessary operating equipment, consisting of ventilation/air conditioning technology, irrigation and nutrient supply, lighting, control technology and data management.


Our mission

«We are a market leader in innovative processes and technologies related to indoor cultivation and the processing of phytopharmaceuticals/medical cannabis.»

Our vision

«To improve people's health and quality of life in the long term. Our technologies offer humanity access to high-quality herbal medicines.»

A solid roof bundles expertise

MABEWO PHYTOPHARM AG was founded in 2020 and is part of the MABEWO GROUP. Under its umbrella, MABEWO unites companies that work on developing and operating sustainable production processes. In doing so, it relies on renewable energy and efficient processes to conserve valuable resources such as land, water and nutrients.

«We are a market leader in innovative processes and technologies.»
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