«WE LET HEALTH GROW» MABEWO sets new certification standards


is revolutionising the production of herbal medicines. Standardised and certified processes ensure product quality (flower, extract, active ingredient). For the first time, this gives patients access to herbal remedies that improve their lives in the long term.

Why our customers trust us

Our customers produce high-quality phytopharmaceuticals. For flowers, extracts and active ingredients, they rely on a standardised facility acc to GACP/GMP standards.
MABEWO PHYTOPHARM has proven expertise in planning and building indoor farming facilities for the production of medicinal plants.
The requirements for medical cannabis are high: consistent high quality, hygiene, avoidance of pesticides and stable active substance levels are just a few important parameters that must be met. As a supplier of modular and scalable systems, we are the partners of companies that produce ultrapure and stable active ingredients (e.g., cannabinoids) for the pharmaceutical industry.

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